It’s Official. The Rizzlian Cult Is As Strong as the K-Pop Cult. And They Just Proved It on Twitter!

Rizzlians went on a Tweetstorm to get the attention of VCs and it was the best show of love an app has ever received!

Vidya Narayanan
5 min readJul 19, 2020

Every now and then, there comes an app that captures the imagination of its users in such a strong way that it becomes a key part of people’s lives in a positive way. When we set out to build Rizzle, that’s what we had in mind. And today, I’m happy to report that we have built exactly that.

Rizzle delivers on the “Real People. Real Talk.” motto by encouraging discussions on the platform with no filters and no keyboard warriors.

On July 13th, 2020, hundreds of Rizzle creators from around the world flooded Twitter with #FundRizzle #VentureCapital to put out a plea to the VC community to fund the app that has now become their new favorite video platform.

With hundreds of people tweeting for over two hours, Fund Rizzle trended on Twitter India for 4+ hours!

How it all began

As co-founder and CEO, I host a channel on Rizzle called “Behind the Hustle” where I, quite transparently, take Rizzlians behind the scenes of my entrepreneurial journey. One day, I talked about being exhausted because we’re fundraising and fundraising can be stressful.

Following that, I saw a discussion emerge on the platform about what people would do if Rizzle were to go away (as a result of not being able to raise money). I watched several people talk about how that would be terrible and they hope that doesn’t happen. I chimed in to assure them that, while fundraising is hard, we’re not going to let Rizzle disappear.

And then it started. Creators started discussing how they, as creators, can help raise awareness with the VC community about their favorite platform.

Top Rizzlians, DC and Lindsey Baker, led an Instagram Live session with 20+ other top creators to strategize a plan.

They picked a time to create a Tweetstorm — July 13 noon CST / 10 am PST / 10:30 pm IST.

The momentum was quickly accelerated by top Indian creators who also coordinated around this effort.

Together, they gathered 100s of creators who were going to light up Twitter. Even those who created their Twitter accounts for the first time just so they can join the Rizzle Tweetstorm!

The day Twitter lit up with #FundRizzle

The activity began shortly before noon on July 13th. A few top Rizzlers created their direct pitch about why Rizzle and why VCs should get in on it.

Arpit Handa’s pitch included an amazingly produced video articulating his passion for Rizzle!

Colt Sebastian Taylor made a direct video pitch to the VCs!

Ricky Valero discussed why everyone should download Rizzle.

Joy Miranda talked about why she loves Rizzle.

Some others shared the favorite videos they’ve made on Rizzle to make their case.

Darcy Jackson showcased her Chit Chat channel where she brings important social justice issues to light.

Alaina Rivers showcased her Eccentric series.

The 2win Angels talked about their love for acting and the mini series they create on Rizzle and called on anyone who wants to create their own short films to try it out!

Lindsey Baker showcased 10 reasons she loves Rizzle, each one including a video genre she creates on the platform. This collab in the tweet above, created by Ricky and Lindsey is absolutely amazing!

Some tweets made the pitch to YouTubers and other content creators as to why they must be on Rizzle.

Alaina talked about Rizzle’s video responses and just how unique that is.

Several Rizzlers shared their milestones that all creators look to achieve!

Jasjyot called on YouTubers to say that creators whose efforts are not visible on YouTube must check out Rizzle!

Ricky talked about how the last year on Rizzle has made him confident in front of the camera!

Emmarie highlighted the amazing positive community that is Rizzle!

Some people talked about what Rizzle meant to them and their daily lives.

Touchdown made me all choke up with his heartfelt tweet about what Rizzle means to him.

Arman had beautiful words to say about how Rizzle changes your life.

Ken talked about having made amazing friends on Rizzle.

Some people went straight to the point and addressed the VC community.

Sagar called on Product Hunt to join the party!

Martine Mayas called on Google to pick up Rizzle!

Geeta called on VCs to feel the magic and fund Rizzle!

GQ made it clear that this app should be seen.

Several shared Sachin’s sentiment — “if I could fund Rizzle, I would”!

Finance ASMR was all about the memes!

It was a party!

All in all, it was a party that the community thoroughly enjoyed!

Jean captured it with some neat acting!

Ken made it out to the beach to be on Periscope!

What’s next for Rizzle?

What does all this mean for Rizzle? First of all, I am incredibly humbled by this massive show of love by the Rizzle community!

When Lakshminath Dondeti and I first built Rizzle, we dreamt of building an interactive video platform with positivity. But, this love and commitment from Rizzle community surpassed our wildest imagination!

Will we finish the fundraising we’ve set out to do? Yes, we will.

The journey has just begun. Join us on the app or on our investor network!

It’s official!

The Rizzle community is as determined as the K-Pop community when it comes to relentlessly spreading the word and raising awareness! The word is that they aren’t going to stop. The next tweetstorm is happening on July 20th, 2020 at 12pm CST, so stay tuned!

PS: It was hard combing through thousands of tweets to pick some examples for this article. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to all the Rizzlians who participated on Rizzle and on Twitter and elsewhere to spread the word! I look forward to making Rizzle amazing for all of us ❤️!

PS2: Rizzle is home to The Million Voices Project, which is bringing a million voices for equality. Join the movement today!



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